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“As I promised if we couldn’t figure out a way that was a win/win for folks who want complete freedom vs. a list of last names, we wouldn’t do it. We couldn’t, so we wont,” wrote Rod Humble, in an update just a few minutes ago.

It must have been a sobering time for Linden Lab’s CEO, now just over a year in the big chair. Users served up information about practical history, and longer-term Lab functionaries served up shedloads of data to back up the users’ anecdotal information.

In the end, it seems, nobody could figure out a way to make Last Names come back without causing users more trouble than it was worth.

“However what we will be doing is adding in at least one and maybe more special characters like a dash when you signup so you can make a more normal looking name.  So you can have “horatio-nelson” for example, which is impossible now. Work will begin on this as it slots into the task list,” added Humble.

“Secondly we will be taking steps to remove more places where the dreaded “resident” last name appears inworld. If you have any places where you see it often that we might have missed it would be good to hear.”

Humble will be starting a similar round-table discussion next week, to try to keep ideas and discussion rolling.

“Conversations with many old Lindens and Residents have led me to conclude that we have lost something of the old frontier feel.  Like we were exploring the world together, you knew people, you would bump into them more. I have some ideas on how we can bring this back more (something along the lines of a new mainland like region or making mainland better or rethinking the whole way Linden Homes works.) This will be the subject of the next little roundtable, which will follow this one.”

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