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Linden Lab is in the throes of preparing the the new “direct delivery” system for the Second Life Marketplace. This allows sellers to get marketplace purchases to buyers without messing about with “magic boxes” and is supposed to guarantee accurate and timely delivery of marketplace purchases.

As a part of this feature, all Second Life Marketplace purchases will be delivered to a new folder in Second Life inventories called “Received Items.”

According to the Linden Lab Commerce team, the “Received Items” folder (when launched) will only be used for Second Life Marketplace deliveries, and not inventory transfers, in-world purchases, or anything else.

UPDATE: According to subsequent communications from Linden Lab, Lab developers were unable to get the feature to function as promised. Instead, all inventory transfers, in-world purchases, or marketplace purchases – anything sent to your account from any source – will wind up in the Received Items folder. (If you want to change your vote, you may select COMMENT on the poll, and then use the Revote function).

Do you like this feature? Or do you loathe it?


The poll remains open until 19 March.

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