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After quite a bit of negative feedback (for the second time), the scope of the Received Items folder has been cut back to just items received from the Marketplace (for the second time).

Okay, so let’s call this one a feedback success, since customer feedback was incorporated into development…. err, twice. From start to finish, though, it’s been a communications failure at practically every level.

It’s hard to figure out even where to start. Information wasn’t provided clearly, it wasn’t dated, and not all of it was public – like, for example, the information that the launch specification that had been achieved by listening to customer feedback was being reversed back to the very feature-set that the customers had objected to and which would break vast quantities of existing Second Life content. That was sent to just a handful of users as a emailed link to an undated proposal.

Direct Delivery nearly went live with huge content-breaking problems, problems that had been publicly promised fixes, promises that had been reneged on in private, and almost nobody was told, and those that were were told in a way that could easily look like they’d been sent a link to an older version of a document.

Linden Lab’s goals were never clearly stated. Certainly its reasoning seemed to never see the light of day. While, yes, customer-feedback was solicited and incorporated, that seems to be problematic in and of itself, because after doing that, the Lab hared off and built a launch implementation that was almost exactly the opposite of the customer-feedback, only to get pushed back by customer feedback a second time.

I mean, what the hell?

So, I asked the Lab why this was, and how it came about and what the trouble seemed to be.

And after three days, I got sent this in response: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Direct-Delivery-Launching-March-21-2012/td-p/1430173

I know, right?

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