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So, you say Linden Lab are a big batch of screw-ups who can’t organise an effective anniversary celebration for Second Life without messing it up? You say they’ve kept getting in the way and the way they’ve handled delicate and sensitive issues is a mess?

You think you can do better?

Now’s your chance.

Second Life’s ninth anniversary is coming up, and Linden Lab is barely involved in the celebration this year. The only thing that will make the difference between it being a success or a failure is you. Heck, there won’t even be an anniversary celebration if people don’t get involved. The anniversary doesn’t need land. It needs centralised press and an organiser. It already has land. Second Life is land.

So, can you run one better than Linden Lab? I did. How about you?

Whether it is centralised or distributed, run by Linden Lab or run by you, the anniversary celebrations need a person. A victim. A sacrifice. An organiser. A raw human battery to fuel and power everyone else. Are you willing to step up to the plate and provide the human energy that it needs?

Or are you willing to sit back and admit that all those Linden Lab community managers that you’ve complained about over the last few years really did do a better job of it than you could?

I’ve already answered that question for me. What about you?

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