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Mea culpa

So, you might have been thinking to yourself “Gee, this blog has been a bit quieter in recent months, hasn’t it?”

Well, you’d be right to think so. It has.

The primary reason for this is that I’ve been working on a big Second Life creative project for… well, months now. Since about Christmas.

The exact nature of the project is still under-wraps, but it has been full of unexpected reversals and unforseen issues.

I was definitely expecting to be done by now, but it has been dragging on. Part of that has been due to those reversals and issues and part of it has been due to other things interfering with the actual act of sitting down and getting the work done.

Mea culpa, though. The blog has been quiet because I’ve been pouring time and energy into another thing for you.

I’m on what they call the “home stretch”, but then I’ve been on the home stretch for something like six or eight weeks now.

I’ll just keep plugging away at this, and we’ll talk more about this project when it is done and you can see it for yourselves. Hopefully it will be soon.

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