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Now that the Lumiya Second Life viewer (for Android phones and tablets) has hit version 2.0, it features some limited 3D support. That means you can see the world around you.

At least a little.

Avatars aren’t rendered, using placeholders instead, no mesh, only some sculpties and neither the ground nor the sky is textured. The rest is enough to push your Android device to its limits, giving you 5-10fps when things are going well on good Android hardware, and 1fps (or worse) on older Androids or in more complex areas.

The 3D features, however, are just an extra. Lumiya is, at its core, quite a capable non-graphical viewer – what most people would think of as a text-only viewer, however Lumiya is dressed up with a comfortable Android UI.

Check Lumiya out on its Web-site or in the Google Play store (formerly known as the Android Market).

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