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On Thursday, Linden Lab had a large in-world meeting in their private Second Life regions. Linden staffers that we’ve not seen in-world for a long time (at least not using their Linden accounts) dusted off their long-unused Linden accounts and logged in for the meeting. Since then, I’ve been getting queries and questions from Second Life customers who are a bit concerned about this sort of gathering.

Right or wrong, these rare “all-hands” (or so they seem) meetings are considered to be portents or harbingers of bad news by Second Life customers. People tend to associate them with the announcement of nasty things like layoffs or major strategic direction changes.

Whether it is truly justified or not, these sudden, sporadic major meets make people concerned and a bit gun-shy.

I reached out to Peter Gray, Linden Lab’s PR spokesperson to see if there was any public reassurances that he could give us.

“We don’t discuss internal meetings publicly,” he told me.

Okay, so not exactly an unexpected response, considering the Lab’s communications policies.

Realistically, there’s probably nothing to actually worry about, however it wouldn’t surprise me if any of the Lab’s upcoming actions are examined with a more critical eye than is usual by Second Life users and customers over the next little while in the wake of it.

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