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A group of Second Life avatarsOkay, I’m a bit taken by surprise on this one, but let’s quickly take this from the top. Firstly, Linden Lab has added a simplified reporting form for Second Life JIRA issues. That part is pretty okay (and some might say that it is many years overdue) being that it is the sort of bug-reporting form that you might see for many major pieces of software, but that increases the triage-level workload on reports significantly. Now, that triage process has so far been split between the Second Life JIRA users and Linden Lab.

There’s a couple problems with bug triaging though. The first is that the Second Life JIRA users do it badly. The second is that Linden Lab do it badly. Okay, so issue triaging becomes more complicated now. So, ouch, right there.

Badly? How?

Well, the triage process has traditionally closed service-critical issues in error, erroneously marked issues as duplicates when they weren’t, and so on, while duplicate issues have – in turn – burgeoned, because the actual quality of reporting of issues is also … well, “a little bit shit” (in the ancient language of my people).

Now, the second part of this is that submitters no longer have access to reading or updating Second Life JIRA entries – that means that the community can no longer provide any input or assistance in the triage process. That’s where things start to get really awkward. That exponentially increases the cost and burden of triage and pushes that all onto Linden Lab, while simultaneously magnifying the impact of any triaging errors that the Lab’s triage staff makes.

That seems <sarcasm>awesome</sarcasm> right there.

So, the quick summary: Triaging gets more error-prone, difficult and time-consuming for Linden Lab – and Second Life users get to deal with any of the consequences of mistakes or delays.

Is that ideal? Heck no.

[via Second Life community site – thanks to Inara Pey]

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