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A pair of golden scales, in balanceI must confess that, while I was still keen on the progress of the lawsuit between Amaretto Ranch Breedables and Ozimals (et al), very limited access to court documents and the relatively slow progress of the case had sent my attention largely elsewhere.

On the fifth of November, however, this little beauty turns up. Judge Charles R. Breyer is granting (in part) and rejecting (in part) a motion for summary judgement. And wow, this document itself is probably the best thing you’ll read about this case.

Summary judgements are decisions made by the court about matters of the case which none of the parties are in dispute about. These are events or evidence or other facts which all parties agree on.

That makes a a summary judgement interesting catch-up reading if you want to know who did what to whom, and how everyone got into a dispute over the remaining facts/evidence/events in the first place, all placed conveniently into the public record and public domain.

Quite a bit of this case has been opaque or vague to me, and Breyer’s judgement is a doozy of a document for getting it all straight. It is certainly the most interesting court document I’ve read this month, and it has had some stiff competition already, though I’ll remind you that while the disputed content involves Second Life, and virtual pets, this is a simple copyright dispute, like any other.

So, here we go, Breyer’s summary judgement. Enjoy.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t look like Judge Breyer is going to have all that much left to rule on to finalise this case. It may drag on a little longer, but not that much longer, I’m thinking.

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