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Give Tateru all of your money! Sorry this post was slightly delayed. You know how easy it is to get caught up in other things.

The two-second summary: A very good month, but not a record month.

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Oh, there ain’t no rest for the wicked, Money don’t grow on trees. I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed, There ain’t nothing in this world for free... A record month for the blog indeed, for traffic, posts and profits. I must confess that I’m very pleased.

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Featired on Virtual Environments DailyYou’ll notice a new section in the left-hand column, for Virtual Environments Daily (a part of the Aggregage network). Virtual Environments Daily is a Web-magazine, of sorts, of virtual environment articles, aggregated and curated with some social-signal magic. It makes more sense when you see it.

I know – from gathered statistics – how few of you actually use RSS/ATOM readers to keep up with blogs, so the site’s option to provide email subscriptions on a daily or weekly/monthly basis might help you keep up with the general goings-on. This site has just been included as well. After all, I couldn’t very well let Terra Nova have things entirely their own way, now, could I?

I’ve already found some content that I’d managed to miss or overlook, so here’s hoping that you also find it a useful resource for Virtual Environments/Virtual Worlds news and views.

The bottom line February’s an awkward sort of a month. Just a little bit shorter than the other months of the year, and it seems to throw everything for a bit of a loop – especially cycles of bills, you’ve probably noticed. Nevertheless, amid all sorts of other scrambling, it hasn’t been a bad month.

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