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Fred Nile, Christian Democrat MP, apparently has more porn passing through his official PC than that of any other sitting member.

Current reports are silent on how this might compare to members that are more upright.

Rumours of Teen Second Life being merged with the ‘main grid’ of Second Life have been circulating almost weekly since 2007.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’re probably so inured to the rumours that the announced closure of Teen Second Life at Rosedale’s SLCC keynote comes as something of a surprise.

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Oct 11 2009

As you’re probably aware, Australia doesn’t have an 18+ rating for video games (though it does for other types of media such as films and publications). It’s not a stretch to see why. At the time the legislation was applied to video games, such games were the province of the young, and it is only recently that they’ve grown up, right?


From their inception, video games (particularly computer games) were played by all ages.

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Sep 18 2009

Okay, back on the topic of Australia’s proposed Internet filtering system, which is continuing to move forward. The films V for Vendetta and American Gangster from iTunes are now blocked to those who would purchase them but are a part of the trial system.

Why? Because iTunes requires no more than a valid credit-card payment as a verification method for access to mature content.

Does that sound like anyone we know?

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