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The user-opinion poll for the upcoming Second Life content ratings policies has closed, and the results are now available. Check out Massively for a breakdown of the results.

Alright, as you’re probably aware, there’s a JIRA issue (MISC-2727) asking Linden Lab to halt all of the plans, policies and changes coming for Adult Content in the coming months. That’s gotten a whole lot of votes.

What I’m more interested in though is the spread of reactions from as many Second Life users as possible. Not just against the policy, but also for it and those who are simply uncaring. Doesn’t it make a whole lot more sense that we try to have as much data as possible, rather than just clustering together with those that agree with our position?

To that end, I’ve put together a poll.

Tell your friends (heck, tell your enemies, even – assuming you have any) and spread it around (but please don’t spam, because that’s plain inconsiderate). It would be nice to get some representative figures from both sides of the argument — and so far, only Linden Lab has anything like those numbers. Do you like the scheme? Do you hate it? Are you somewhere in between and see problems with it?

The poll (courtesy of Vizu) is anonymous, and frankly I don’t care which individuals think what about the policy (so if you really don’t want to leave a comment, that’s okay). This is more about aggregate numbers and percentages anyway. But it won’t be representative without your support. The poll closes May 12, 2009 12:00 am PT. Then we can look at the results and decide what it all might mean.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Results will be published during the day on 16 May, 2009. Sorry that the poll itself seems to be a bit squashed in. Something to do with updating the post after the fact.

A new comic is live for your enjoyment. This time, the topic is age-verification.