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Confused about what and who Evolver is? I’ve written about them before.

Recently, the Evolver technology, which offers you products like: Avatara, Evolver, and Evolver Pro, has become a part of Autodesk.

Autodesk serves entertainment and design professionals that are looking for ways to make their 3D projects more realistic by adding a human element in the form of crowd simulation. Evolver technology complements the research we are currently doing in the areas of realistic real-time human crowd simulation.

Current Avatara, Evolver, and Evolver Pro customers will be able to access many of the same services previously available. Additionally, we anticipate that many Pro export services will, for a limited time, be made available for free. Longer-term plans will be communicated as soon as they are available.

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Remember Google’s Labs initiative? It’s all those odd little products and projects and prototypes that Google allows people time to work on for the sake of innovation. If it weren’t for Google Labs you wouldn’t have Google Reader, or Google Maps, or Google Groups, Google Desktop or Gmail.

Those were all products that just didn’t fit with Google’s product line-up at the time. Gmail? Maps? Who would want them provided by Google, right?

Well, now you probably can’t imagine things without them. Google, however, is pulling the plug on this innovative incubator, that has yielded some of its top products in an effort to “streamline” the product portfolio and its development efforts.

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Or rather, why most successful companies don’t listen to customers directly or without a carefully constructed process.

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blue-mars Avatar Reality, the company behind Blue Mars, is cutting development of its Windows-based client software, and is instead focusing on an iOS (iPhone/iPad) application.

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