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Jan 7 2011

I was asked, “Why [should Rod Humble] change from a proper job at EA on an ejection seat at Linden Lab?” – and my response started to run on a bit, so I decided to waffle on about it in its own post.

As for why someone might choose to captain a ship, whether it is a sinking one or not – well, in certain industries and at certain levels of business there ain’t no such thing as a pay-raise. If you want a pay-raise your only option is to go work for someone else.

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Feel the love!For those of you wanting to keep track of the latest exploits of Philip Rosedale’s Love Machine business, now that he’s exited the Lab, there’s a couple small news updates.

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Ever wonder why publishers – when they are talking about games, television programmes, movies and such – refer to them as “franchises”?

What it boils down to is copyright and derived works.

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“Black Friday” is the name given in America to the day after Thanksgiving, and the traditional commencement of the Christmas shopping period. The term came into use in Philadelphia in the 1960s to signify it as a dark day. A day of chaos and disruption, traffic jams and injuries; a day to be feared and shunned, echoing the original Black Friday of September 24, 1869 (the Fisk/Gould scandal that caused a catastrophe in the stock markets). [* According to newspapers and publications of the day, this was the primary usage in 1966]

In more recent years, as the term spread through North America, it has been rebranded as the day retailers start to turn a profit for the year – to go “into the black” – though this explanation is merely a superficial fiction in most cases [* According to the Philadelphia Enquirer, 1981]. Any retailer who remains in the red for nearly a full eleven months of the year, is likely already on the verge of collapse.

Nomenclature aside, Black Friday has co-evolved with the shopping habits of North Americans, and Black Friday as we see it today is indelibly stamped with the logistics of purely physical goods.

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