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Oct 23 2010

As a species, we place an especial emphasis on plans and strategies. Moreover, we feel that it is vitally important to choose the right ones.

That could be because, as a species, we seem to be a bit rubbish at that. Knowing when to quit, however, is actually a good deal harder.

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There’s talk that Linden Lab interim CEO Philip Rosedale – who recently said he would be the big chair until everything was settled and the Lab had gotten itself to where it wanted to be – is no longer showing up for work, and back loving the Love Machine.

That, of course, would be an indication that the Lab had been being somewhat dishonest with its communications, so it’s pretty easy to discount, especially as it involved no uptick in corroborative chatter among the folks that Linden Lab staff usually leak information to, and for about an hour, I ignored it.

However, as it turns out, it looks like it is the real deal.

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Keep this press-release out of reach of children. Online 3D Space Provides Innovative and Cost-Efficient Way for Businesses to Meet, Collaborate, and Showcase Their Products

DLAB, a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers and digital specialists based within the Institute of Digital Innovation at Teesside University, announced today the upcoming launch of OnLand, an online business district designed to provide an innovative and cost-efficient way for firms to collaborate. OnLand is powered by Blue Mars, an online high definition 3D virtual world platform created by Avatar Reality, Inc., and allows users to conduct business in interactive showrooms, boardrooms and meeting spaces.

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Oct 11 2010

I’m going to talk a little about profit optimisation here. Principally, this is because I’m going to refer back to it later.

If your market is above a certain (variable) minimum size, profit optimisation involves setting a price that maximises the amount of profit you would receive from sales of goods and/or services. More →