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Aug 15 2010

Now here’s a film I can comfortably look forward to 🙂

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Are games art? Sure they are. They’re a juvenile art that (like finger-painting) we don’t generally tend to spontaneously think of as art, if we were pressed to name categories. That’s actually our fault as a society and as gamers.

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In recent years, the term ‘piracy’ has come to be applied to the unauthorized copying of music, movies and computer software. Oodles of sales are lost, we’re told, because of this kind of piracy.

That’s the third kind of piracy. Traditionally, there are two other kinds. The first, of course, is the ocean-going sort, but it’s the second kind of piracy that makes all the others pale into insignificance.

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Nov 29 2009

It’s common for films to be described as ‘breathtaking’ or that they ‘will take your breath away’. I’ve never had a film do that to me, ever. Not until now, anyway.

Anna Melikyan’s award-winning 2007 Russian film Rusalka did that to me just now.

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