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May 26 2012

An image of a mouth, showing the tongue and teethOur physical sensory systems lie to us in all sorts of routine ways, and I like to occasionally share some examples of that.

What’s the big difference between popular chicken-flavoured potato crisps, and unpopular garlic-and-onion flavoured potato crisps?

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There’s a simple, fundamental idea at the heart of the right to freedom of religion. It’s so simple that it is often forgotten.

It is the right to freedom from religion.

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Feb 20 2012

You’ve seen the phrase. Perhaps you’ve seen it often.

Haters gonna hate.”

It’s a simple truism – tautological, in fact – but most times you see the phrase, it’s a sign that the person writing it has switched their brain off, just when they should be making sure that it is on.

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SOPA isn’t dead. Far from it.

The people behind that bill and a host of other bills over the years are able to bring that bill, or its equivalent, back as many times as they please, until they have a legislature and president willing to pass it and sign it.

SOPA primarily is supported by money, but it is primarily only opposed by speech.

Money buys votes, essentially. It buys the votes of the legislature, because money buys your vote.

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