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Aug 22 2010

There are many grounds for which people object to certain kinds of video games. Another in the list concerns wargames that are made about modern conflicts, either comparatively recent ones, or actually ongoing military actions.

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It’s extremely rare that any two people possess the same basic beliefs and priorities. It might be so rare, that it doesn’t actually happen at all. We’re all at least partially aware that if you dig deep enough, any superficial resemblance in the beliefs and priorities of any two people is fundamentally erased.

That doesn’t stop us giving each-other crap because someone fails to precisely conform with our views. I’ll be talking some more about that, but right now, I’m going to talk about Jack Thompson.

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Oct 11 2009

As you’re probably aware, Australia doesn’t have an 18+ rating for video games (though it does for other types of media such as films and publications). It’s not a stretch to see why. At the time the legislation was applied to video games, such games were the province of the young, and it is only recently that they’ve grown up, right?


From their inception, video games (particularly computer games) were played by all ages.

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One multiply-convicted 19-year-old felon accidentally shoots another multiply convicted 20-year-old felon in the head with an illegal firearm that neither of them should possess.

Police say video games may be involved. The headline goes further and suggests that video games may have “prompted” the shooting.

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