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Aug 13 2010

Currently the majority of the world’s Internet runs on IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). If you wanted to roll out broadband to a majority of homes in the USA, Australia, or indeed any country today – you couldn’t do it on IPv4. There just aren’t enough addresses to go around.

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The Mighty Lemma Cryptic’s new MMOG, Champions Online, has had a rather interesting round of betas so far. Lots of systems got overhauled, and what’s there now has been changed quite a bit from what was there before. Interesting times, for sure. Since the NDA went down, impressions have been springing up like mushrooms, and here’s mine.

First off, what’s nice is that – assorted glitches aside – the game is a whole lot of fun. With the City of Heroes Powerset-Proliferation and Power-Spectrum changes, it’s starting to feel like the two are in a determined contest.

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May 20 2009

Apparently there was one of the Planet Of The Capes comics that I completely missed. It should have been comic 29. I’ve renumbered the archive from that point on, and inserted the missing comic in its proper place. (If you see "Captain Oblivious" instead of "Things to do" reload the page) I’ve gone back and updated the recent links into the archives so that they point to the adjusted comic locations for the last three.

Originally, the first few strips of Planet Of The Capes ran in a different order to the order I’d created them in, and that’s what likely caused the confusion. Blame me 🙂 Everyone else does!

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