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You might recall that I wrote a – rather complex – guide to using squid to intercept and cache Second Life textures, enabling you to improve Second Life performance for an entire local network. I know some few of you are actually using that system, though the setup requirements are quite steep (particularly in background knowledge).

Well, Vex Streeter (I don’t know her/his last name) has gone one better, improving caching performance with a store-rewriter and reducing some of the more arcane requirements. Definitely worth a look!

How to eliminate one very common source of lag Yesterday, I didn’t really have time to go over the network improvement that I posted, and explain it in more detail. Here’s the dope, starting with a little background.

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Nov 18 2010

A couple of days ago, I took one of our old desktop PCs out of the storage shed, dusted it off, and for a cost of exactly zero dollars and some time, turned it into a media system for the living room.

Forget the DVD player, which has been gathering dust ever since. This is like living in the future. It’s that good.

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Oct 11 2010

I’m going to talk a little about profit optimisation here. Principally, this is because I’m going to refer back to it later.

If your market is above a certain (variable) minimum size, profit optimisation involves setting a price that maximises the amount of profit you would receive from sales of goods and/or services. More →