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Trademarks are poor misunderstood things.

Way back when, trademarks were called hallmarks, makers’ marks, earmarks and brands.

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If you’re a Windows gamer, you’ve very likely had the issue where you’ve installed a game (including, but not limited to, Scrapland or System Shock 2), and when you start up the game, you get a black screen. Maybe there’s sound, maybe not. Maybe the application works except for the video – and maybe it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, you often have to use control-alt-delete to break out and kill the process.

There’s a bunch of possible causes, but one of the most common ones is easy to fix.

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Okay, so you probably use a password manager or something like that, because – face it – you’re probably not daft enough to use the same password for everything, right? Right? Right!

Your ‘password manager’ might be a simple paper notebook, something like KeePass (recommended, by the way), a sheet of paper, or a simple text-file that you keep somewhere on your hard-drive. Whatever it is, just think a moment. If there was a fire or a flood or a robbery or whatever at home, would you still have your passwords?

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There’s all sorts of places that will offer to teach you how to build up a successful blog. Pretty much all of them will charge you for it at some point.

Here’s my pro-tip and it costs you nothing, except the time to read about it and to think about it.

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