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Copyright is an interesting beastie, and a very necessary one. Without Copyright law, most open source licences and Creative Commons licenses would be worthless. Copyright is enshrined in the United States constitution, offering a limited-time protection on works to everybody. That includes folks like you and me who don’t have works worth hundred of millions of dollars, and who might not have the ability to mount a lawsuit.

Copyright is for everybody, even if your means are scant and your works only commercially worth a few cents. That’s why the United States Copyright office wants to hear from you, as a part of a congressional enquiry into remedies for Copyright small claims.

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Historically, in the USA (and some other countries), clothing was exempt from the protections afforded by copyright as it was considered “an article of use”. Being that we’re bilaterally symmetrical bipeds, there’s not so many possibilities to create clothing that doesn’t strongly resemble other clothing. Actual clothing patterns could be copyrighted, as well as photographs and other images of clothing, but the basic designs themselves were exempt.

That all could suddenly change overnight now.

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Well, privacy or copyright. If there’s to be a singularity in the next couple of decades or so, it’s most likely to be one of those.

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“[Linden Lab] has every right to refuse to list third-party software in [its] viewer directory or to bar third-party software from the grid, for [any reason not prohibited by law],” said one developer who declined to be named,”but suggesting [in this case] that third-party developers are violating [the GNU Public License and intellectual property rights] is just bullshit. [It’s] wrong and it’s defamatory.”

I’ve paraphrased that just a little, partly to tone the language down a touch.

And back we go to LLKDU, the extended Kakadu JPEG2000 library.

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