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Oct 23 2010

As a species, we place an especial emphasis on plans and strategies. Moreover, we feel that it is vitally important to choose the right ones.

That could be because, as a species, we seem to be a bit rubbish at that. Knowing when to quit, however, is actually a good deal harder.

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My father observed once that – in order to make a lasting peace with your enemies – you have to be willing to die for them, and them for you.

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The truth is an annoyingly slippery thing. It’s hard, perhaps even impossible to achieve, because facts first must pass through human perception.

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As customers or service users, our past experiences and our beliefs about a company, its support, products and services are frequently more important than the present actualities. Why? Because it’s what we believe to be true that drives our decisions, rather than what is actually true.

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