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Your voice Once again, I asked you to rate Linden Lab’s performance in Q4 (in six different categories) and compare it to how you thought it had fared in Q3. It is, after all, what Linden Lab all but asked us to do during 2010. Today, I have the report-card built from your responses.

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Have your say! Well, last year I promised that I would do another – expanded – report-card poll for Linden Lab for Q4 2010, and here it is.

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Last week, I asked you to assess Linden Lab’s performance on its promises for its first three months since Philip returned as company CEO and asked us to judge the Lab by actions, not words.

While I personally find the time-frame a bit on the short side to be looking at very concrete results, Linden Lab helped out shortly thereafter by producing a list of the sort of stuff you were supposed to have noticed. I’m willing to attribute that to coincidence rather than insecurity, though the timing seems to be a bit of a stretch.

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Well, Philip’s been back in the saddle as Linden Lab CEO for just over three months now. I thought it might be interesting to do up a report-card for Linden Lab just to see how well you all think it is meeting its promises. Acta non verba, to paraphrase Philip.

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