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The Lab’s had a number of well-publicised (and some rather less publicised) feature and technology development projects that haven’t come to fruition. Where are they at? Or, in other cases, what happened to them?

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On 7 March, Mark Kingdon spoke at the opening of the Amsterdam office of Linden Lab. Yes, that’s a little while ago now, but remember this is just 90 days before the layoffs, and I think it is interesting to hear what is said in light of what subsequently occurred.

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I’ve read a lot of corporate comms over the years. I’ve written quite a bit of it myself as well, here and there. As a result, I probably read these things rather differently to how many other people do. There are countless words, phrases and patterns that crop up over and over.

So, here’s more or less what went through my mind when I read this week’s “A Message from M Linden” …

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Got your attention, have I?

Okay, so not all of you are a major let-down. Some of you, I’ll grant, are not. Mistakes do happen – we all make them. Nobody’s at their best when they have to write an article about something that they know nothing about, surely.

But for pity’s sake, make an effort! The fact is that if what you know about virtual worlds is based on what you read in the media, you probably know less than nothing about them.

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