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Apr 20 2011

Elisabeth Sladen in Doctor Who, season 13: Terror of the Zygons. As you’ve probably heard by now, actress Elisabeth Sladen has passed away from complications relating to cancer at age 63.

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Sep 6 2009

Sumar Morgan(image by Velveeta Biedermann)

Garth Fairchang passed away this weekend (pancreatic cancer, like my father). A fortnight ago, we also lost Sumar Morgan, whom many of you probably know from The Shelter (also to cancer).

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May 29 2009

Every now and again, someone dies. It happens. Death is life’s constant companion. I’ve been thinking some more about what Feldspar wrote, and a couple of things occurred to me.

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May 11 2009

Rheta Shan, whom many of you probably knew well or knew of has apparently died in an AFK accident. This is a topic I was going to be writing about anyway, but right now, things are a bit shocking and sad. I’ll leave you all to your own thoughts for the moment. Words just aren’t going to cut it right now. My heart goes out to her SL partner, Thdast Schwarzman.