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The big thing on my mind back at the beginning of the week was whether the new position on the KDU library was indeed the official position and whether the Lab was serious about the erroneous statements about GPL-violations.

Over the last few years, it has quite often been the case that the Lab and an individual Linden (or a team of Linden staffers) have disagreed or had differences of understanding on certain key matters.

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Today, Oz Linden delivered an in-world opinion on the ability of third-party Second Life viewers to use the LLKDU JPEG2000 decoding library that has shipped with Linden Lab’s official viewers to-date.

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Last week, I put a list of questions to Linden Lab’s spokespeople about Display Names. The questions were mostly written by Lance Corrimal, but largely reflected the sorts of questions that people were asking me about the upcoming feature, so it seemed a good set to pass on.

A short time ago, I got the official response through the PR department, written by Jack Linden.

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Linden Lab have announced their new viewer development model as promised, which is also their new open source development strategy.

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