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Well, Philip’s been back in the saddle as Linden Lab CEO for just over three months now. I thought it might be interesting to do up a report-card for Linden Lab just to see how well you all think it is meeting its promises. Acta non verba, to paraphrase Philip.

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So, Philip Rosedale, Linden Lab’s CEO thinks that Second Life should be more like the iPhone.

Is that, expensive, shiny, rigidly controlled by the manufacturer, and coupled to a heavily-monetised Web-based store?

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Check it out, yo! Mitch has published the first part of his notes from a conversation/interview with Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale about Second Life, its recent tumult and its future directions.

There’s some interesting tidbits lurking in there too. Look closely at the fourth paragraph of “More work to do” for example. That’s going to be … interesting.

I’m expecting more from Mitch about this interview over the next few days. Looking forward to it, I must say.

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