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Guest post by Seshat Czeret

Your right to enter privately-owned land …

Witch parking. All others will be toad! You don’t have one.

“i didnt do anything
you are a corrupt land owner i did nothing wrong
No orbits.
No attacks.”

“As with the fleshworld, individuals have the right to determine what  behaviour is acceptable on their land.”


“Disrupting a class – especially intentionally – is not acceptable on this land. You are politely requested to leave.”

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May 25 2009

JIRA is a proprietary enterprise software product, developed by Atlassian, commonly used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management.

In Second Life terms, "a JIRA" refers to a tracked issue, tracked bug or feature request.

JIRA VWR-8049 is a feature request.

This JIRA, when implemented, will allow the user to choose their preferred next-owner-permissions as defaults for newly-created assets.

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Apr 19 2009

Are you following Seshat Czeret’s blog? If you’re interested in texturing, making clothing or her products, then you probably should be!

Smart, witty, cogent and educational! Grab an eyeful.