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Dec 31 2010

New year’s Eve drinking. Here’s a sample.

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Dec 13 2010

Dear Amazon,

Yes, I thought I’d divert some of the blog profits and get myself a Kindle for Christmas. Yes, I placed the order a few weeks ago, now.

Yes, I understand that the expected delivery time for this Kindle will be sometime in mid-January. Apparently about an 8 week wait – and like other things that I have ordered from you in the past, probably coming by surface-mail from France, on a ship, and packaged in a sack (no, not kidding – every one of my Amazon orders over the years has turned up in a sack tied up at the neck, and unaccountably shipped from France).

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Dec 5 2010

I’m a bit suspicious about the current state of my nvidia 8600GT video card. About a year ago, I was a bit concerned that it might have been overheating, leading to graphics corruption and crashes. I picked up a couple of tools to monitor the GPU temperature, and found that when it was under heavy loads, the temperature would get quite high – or at least what I felt was quite high – climbing into the low 80s.

That’s 80 degrees Celsius, just 20 degrees short of the temperature where water boils. I got a tweaking tool and ramped the fan profile up a bit, which kept the temperature peaking in the mid 70s, and all seemed to be well.

Yesterday, though, I discovered something odd.

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Sep 12 2010

Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Endings, even for the things we enjoy and treasure the most, are inevitable. They’re regrettable, but they happen.

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