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Aug 31 2010

Dear Australian judiciary,

If I were to buy a cement mixer, I could turn it into an artwork. I could modify it to act as a washing machine, if I wanted.

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Aug 21 2010

I’ve seen elections where the voters were bored or apathetic. I’ve seen them looking put-out and inconvenienced. Today was the first Australian election where I’ve seen the voters really looking keen.

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I grew up under a 14 year gerrymander, where less than 30% of the vote kept the ruling party in power. Where bulldozers moved out at 3AM to demolish National Heritage sites, so that the land could be sold “for the sum of one dollar” to political cronies. Where police would direct traffic around cranes that were hoisting gaming tables into illegal casinos in the middle of the city centre for all to see.

And yet, I have not been more ashamed of our political process than this current election campaign.

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A few weeks ago, I was walking the couple of kilometres from home to the mechanic to collect the car. On the way, I wound up walking for a short ways behind a couple of teenage high-school girls, maybe 13, if I’m any judge of these things. One was telling the other about how to trade pornography online without being tripped up by filtering software or school administrators checking network logs.

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