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Nov 3 2009

I thought this was kind of cool, actually.

Just grab the slider below the image and drag it along.

Top marks to the University of Utah for giving such a neat display of sizes.

Jul 21 2009

Why is it that a the moral standards, particularly sexual standards, that are professed by members of a community always seem to be at least an order of magnitude more conservative than the standards actually practiced by those members?

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SB152 was a bill that essentially started out as a zombie-like revivification of Florida ex-attorney Jack Thompson’s bill in Utah that was whacked by the Utah governor, ostensibly on constitutional grounds. Life hasn’t been much better to SB152.

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From the readership figures, a lot of you can’t get enough of lifetime-disbarred Florida attorney, Jack Thompson. So, here’s an update.

Thompson doesn’t like the suggestions (“threats”) that the Utah Senate President and State Attorney General are investigating the possibilities of prosecuting Thompson as a spammer, and in a measured response has threatened to have the entire Utah Legislature added to a criminal complaint that he has filed with the FBI.

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