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You may recall that – not too long ago – some Facebook users have had their accounts hijacked by scammers. The scammers then pretended to be that person, stuck in London without means after a mugging. The scammers used this to divert funds from friends and family.

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There’s an old saying about Internet experts. How do you tell the ones who are any good? They don’t ever use cyber as a prefix for random words.

Most people who talk about ‘cyber-warfare’ are full of bunk, and most of what you know about computers, networks, computer security and the Internet from television programmes and movies is woefully wrong.

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Even without little corporate firewall issues with HTTP textures, corporate and education users still traditionally run afoul of Second Life’s unusual multi-port usage patterns, which can be blocked by default by zealous and sensible network administrators.

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Jan 22 2010

Earlier this month Paul Chambers was arrested, banned from Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster and suspended from his job. Why? He jokingly twittered a bomb threat.

Has the world gone mad? Apparently some of it has.

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