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Jan 18 2010

Well, a lot of comment-spam turns up here. 100% of it gets caught, at the expense of maybe 1 in 100 legitimate comments winding up in the spam folder accidentally and needing to be fished back out.

It’s a pretty unusual mix.

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Jul 2 2009

One of the things you might have noticed here is that there’s no comment-spam. Oh, there’s plenty of spam comments submitted, but it doesn’t really make it through. There are two things at work here against the comment-spammer.

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From the readership figures, a lot of you can’t get enough of lifetime-disbarred Florida attorney, Jack Thompson. So, here’s an update.

Thompson doesn’t like the suggestions (“threats”) that the Utah Senate President and State Attorney General are investigating the possibilities of prosecuting Thompson as a spammer, and in a measured response has threatened to have the entire Utah Legislature added to a criminal complaint that he has filed with the FBI.

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May 22 2009

Ever wonder why twitter spammers keep on trying, even though the Twitter folks themselves keep stepping on them? It’s the courtesy-follow.

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