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Nov 3 2010

I’ve just done a first pass edit over the two statistics charts pages (here and here). I’ll do a more extensive reshuffle later.

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And a quite a bit more promptly than the Q2 2010 figures. You’re likely not going to be terribly astonished by the results, either, if you’ve been keeping up with events.

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About a week ago, I ran a double-poll. The idea was to get the impression about which of the then-thirteen viewers on the Second Life viewer directory respondents believed to be in full compliance with Linden Lab’s third party viewer policies, and which were not believed to be in full compliance. Viewers can, of course, be present on the directory without any genuine attempts at policy compliance.

It’s a tricky sort of thing to score, and more sophisticated polling software than what I’ve been using might have made the job a good deal easier and provided better results. Nevertheless, the results appear consistent.

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By special reader request, a quick discussion of averages, since I usually whiz past them pretty quickly. If your school-teachers were on-the-ball, you’ve probably heard all of this before, but a short refresher is always nice for those of us that don’t work with them routinely – or if you’re trying to tell how badly a political candidate might be lying to you to score your vote.

There are actually three things called an ‘average’. They are the mean, the median and the mode.

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