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Second Life’s troubled concurrency figures appear to have finally stabilised, having been on an overall decline since March of 2009.

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Today, Linden Lab is (finally) publishing its much-anticipated Q2 metrics for Second Life, something I have been pushing for over the last few months. Last night, I transcribed the material the Lab provided, and added observations and commentary to it. You’ll find that below.

For the lazy, the rushed, and the hard-of-thinking, here’s a quick summary:

  • Reporting has changed. Linden Lab isn’t publishing all the old familiar figures, particularly a couple that took a swan-dive during the quarter. This is because they are ‘not indicative’, apparently.
  • User-to-user transactions are deprecated (again). Apparently the Lab has trouble figuring out which figures are and aren’t ‘indicative’.
  • Certain statistical feeds are to be shut down. They will be ones that the Lab feels are not ‘indicative’.
  • Linden Lab indicates that the economy is stable, but there aren’t sufficient metrics provided to support that position.

Everything else requires more explanation, so on with the show.

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That’s a question that couldn’t be answered in Paisley Beebe’s interview with the restructured Emerald team over the weekend. However, the project team does keep those stats, and someone (who declined to be named) showed me the graphs.

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Aug 17 2010

Well, August is already waning, and we’re yet to see the second quarter Second Life metrics from Linden Lab. I last chased the Lab about it in July. Should I poke them again?

I’m not expecting anything astonishing from the figures… although an attempt to put a similarly upbeat spin on them like Q1 and Q4 would be… well, pretty astonishing in itself.