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When many Second Life users espoused acta non verba (deeds, not words) to Linden Lab, they didn’t mean ‘stop talking’.

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Your voice Once again, I asked you to rate Linden Lab’s performance in Q4 (in six different categories) and compare it to how you thought it had fared in Q3. It is, after all, what Linden Lab all but asked us to do during 2010. Today, I have the report-card built from your responses.

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Have your say! Well, last year I promised that I would do another – expanded – report-card poll for Linden Lab for Q4 2010, and here it is.

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Oct 20 2010

Philip Rosedale finished up at the Lab last week, as far as “day-to-day” management is concerned. His day-to-day stuff is now back in the usual Love Machine locale. However, something stinks about this whole deal.

You see, what’s bugging me about this is that just a few weeks ago, Philip said had no plans to quit the position of CEO. The impression he gave was that he was going to be interim CEO for a long time to come. Philip was full of promises for the future, and even the shortest of short-terms was at least three quarters.

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