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AM Radio is famous for his Second Life art installations – considered by some to be among the best in the virtual world – scenes transformed into places that could be explored. In six months’ time, according to the artist, these installations will be closed down for good.

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It is with some astonishment that I note that the Linden Endowment for the Arts appears to actually be doing something. The slight sense of incredulity that I feel is slightly enhanced by the announcement in the PR dead-zone surrounding April Fools’ Day.

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Draxtor Despres has produced a piece on a beautiful and fascinating installation by IDIALAB.

The installation is called Flickr Gettr, but don’t be fooled by its slightly vowel-deficient name. I know cool things when I see them, and this is most definitely one of them.

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Soleil is an art/music project that is the brainchild of Nicole Marie and Tasuku Arai. Deeply collaborating on music and melody, they’ve never met each-other in person. They’re known as ColeMarie Soleil and Tasuku Ghost in Second Life.

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