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The piece that I’m about to reproduce here first appeared in The Age newspaper, on 9 May, 1956. In it, a fiendish danger to society and our youth is laid bare. I’ve left the original article emphasis in place.

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Edited by Justin Clemens, Christopher Dodds and Adam Nash, the new Australian Journal of Virtual Art by the Australian Centre of Virtual Art (ACVA) is worth checking out. With essays available in five convenient electronic formats, the inaugural issue seems to be off to a good start.

I know, it seems like the various State Attorneys General coming to an “in-principle” agreement in favour of an R18+ rating for games would be a good thing for… well, actually for getting the rating passed.

However, it actually isn’t and it could delay this repair to the classifications system indefinitely. If the “in-principle” agreement hadn’t been announced, we’d likely have had an R18+ classification in the works by next week. As it is, it is actually looking increasingly doubtful that it will turn up any time soon.

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Australian Coat of Arms A proposed pro-discrimination bill which was recently defeated in Victorian state Parliament was reintroduced when the Liberal Party used its numbers to suspend Parliamentary procedure. The bill passed by one vote and is now just one session away from becoming law.

The legislation would allow ‘faith-based’ schools, hospitals and businesses – subsidised with public funds – to discriminate against would-be users of those facilities based on such things as sexual- and religious-orientation, gender, marital status and so on; while still receiving public funding to operate.

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