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So, latest Second Life viewer 3 (that’s Second Life 3.0.3 (240895) Sep 15 2011 11:47:07). Let’s take a look, eh?


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I mean that question quite seriously. 2.7.4 was quite marginal as production viewers go, and 2.7.5 is a step down again from there, in my opinion.

Let’s just look at the problems that it had that were known about prior to its release.

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I hope you paid attention during the pre-flight safety lecture So, unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock, you’ll know that Meeroos officially launched in Second Life yesterday. For many, it is one of the most hotly anticipated lines of digital goods in – well, I can’t quite remember when any line of purely digital goods generated quite so much pre-launch buzz.

And unless that rock was hiding out under yet another rock, you’ll have probably noticed that the Second Life grid has had a spate of central-services issues over the last nine or so days, mostly affecting performance of the asset systems.

And yes – you can hand in both of those rocks now – the two events collided.

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Apr 17 2011

Daniel Voyager has pictures of the new animated selector for starter avatars for the Second Life registration process. I’ve got a picture of my own, as it happens.

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