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A group of Second Life avatarsThe Relay For Life of Second Life is proud to announce that due to the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and supporters, we have collected 1.5 million in US dollars (USD) since 2004 to support the fight against cancer. This is an increase of $500,000 since we reported $1 million In April 2011.

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SecondLie wants you to hate cancer.

SecondLie, the premier Second Life Twitter parody account, is raising money for cancer research as a part of the broader Relay For Life campaign.

If you’re a Second Life user, click the ‘love’ button on SecondLie’s post by the end of the month, and he (and 19 others) will donate one cent each towards cancer research. That’s currently 20 cents each time someone clicks, up to a limit of 10,000 loves on the post. (UPDATE: Now 40 US cents per love)

Hating cancer requires nothing from you, other than a mouse-click. Surely, you can hate cancer enough to lift one finger.

Actually, even if you hate SecondLie more than you hate cancer, you can add your love to the post and cost him some money. So, win-win, right?

I’m an end-of-the-world survivor. Through my life, there have been dozens of dates set for doomsday. Magic comets, mysterious asteroids, the second coming, planetary alignments, the rapture, you name it. People keep picking dates and years that the world will end – so many that I don’t think I’ve lived through a single year when there has not been at least one prediction that the world would end that year.

Stubbornly, the world has refused to end, much to the embarrassment and chagrin of many doomsday prophets.

Welcome to 2012.

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Second Life users are traditionally a generous lot. Many people lose sight of that when insisting that Second Life users are weirdoes or deviants or busy kicking them off social networks for having funny names.

This year’s annual, user-run Second Life Relay for Life event raised US$371,670 (so far – donations don’t properly close until the end of July). A record figure, even though SLRFL has always done well.

Being a part of a community that digs deep every year like that is something to be proud of.