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Copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Seems like you can’t go a day without something in the news about these, yet from my own experience, it seems that very few people have any real grasp on even rudimentary intellectual property rights, what they are and why they are important. Even some of the most well-educated people can’t even name the basic ‘rights’ of copyright. Last I saw any statistics on the topic (just a couple of years ago), 70% of respondents were unable to demonstrate any accurate knowledge of intellectual property rights at all.

So, while I don’t know Zinnia Zauber at all, I think there should be more events like the one she is holding tomorrow. In an age where our creative works are less and less commonly embodied in physical substances, it is incumbent on us to understand both our rights and that of others.

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If you’ve been following the development of Second Life mesh features, you’ll recall that there are two requirements to be able to upload meshes. The first is payment information, and the second is completing a quiz.

That quiz is now online in beta.

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Okay. First a quick refresh on how this all got started. Two makers of Second Life breedable pet animals (Ozimals and Amaretto) got into a bit of a stink with each-other which wound up in court. Ozimals had filed a DMCA takedown against Amaretto, claiming copyright infringement, and Amaretto turned around and filed a fat and juicy lawsuit against Ozimals for being unlawfully meddling and naughty.

So, where’s all that at now?

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Jun 15 2011

As you’re probably aware by now, the Linden Lab is implementing the ability to enable or disable your ability to upload meshes to Second Life, once the Mesh features finally arrive, and thus reducing the incidence of third-party meshes being used without permission.

It’s a pretty good idea, but what if you don’t know that you’re offending?

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