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You’ve probably already heard of RedZone, a system which is used to implement ban-by-IP-address functionality, and to make (variably accurate) guesses at alt accounts.

Avoiding RedZone data collection has been a bit tricky for the average user, since RedZone uses a scripting trick that allows it to perform data-collection, even when media-autoplaying is disabled (you either have to block traffic to RedZone’s server, or completely disable the Second Life viewer’s ability to access the Web and all forms of media to get around that – just disabling autoplay isn’t enough).

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So, I put out some questions about CDS and whether or not it complied with the EU Data Protection Directive and its consequent legislative acts. I got a number of comments, emails, and IMs from operators and supporters of CDS systems.

Two things were almost ubiquitous among the responses that I received.

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I have a few questions for operators of CDS (Client Detection Systems) in Second Life.

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