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All that silence, then a sudden bundle of Big Surprise Announcements out of the Lab. Well, at least they’re from Frank Ambrose, whose communiqués are pretty much always welcome.

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Forget Project Skylight and Display Names. There may be another reason why Second Life signups might have had a short term spike for a few days without much corresponding increase in actual usage.


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Most Second Life users that have talked with me about the topic of the large number of new Second Life user registrations lately are of the opinion that the majority of the extra registrations are due to signups to reserve account names, either as vanity names or as trademark or anti-fraud protection.

It’s hard to get any real sense for what’s going on without actual data, though, so here is some.

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Phase 2 of Second Life’s display names feature went live shortly after phase 1 went live. Second Life surnames have now functionally ceased to exist.

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