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The brain records conjunctions of details and events in what are sometimes termed convergence/divergence zones. Disparate elements of an event, or of a conversation, or of a passage from something you are reading are mixed in with sounds, and diverse visual and sensory data, much of which you may be unaware of at the time.

Each little detail, whether you are consciously aware of that detail or not, is also reinforced by repetition. The actual mechanisms of memory, however, are not smart and do not discriminate between – what we might consider – unessential details, and essential details.

When it comes to the memory aspect of learning, therefore, we’re almost always doing it wrong. That’s why it seems so hard much of the time.

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Nov 11 2010

Generally we get so bound up in almost every other aspect of formal schooling that we tend completely miss the fundamental point of it. Certainly we do as students, and as parents we tend to get caught up in the viewpoints of our kids.

Graduation day is the first day of your education, not your last.

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A brand new book called “A practical guide to using Second Life in Higher Education.”

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Oct 24 2010

Something that hasn’t really been factored into things by those of us who watch the Second Life news is that … well, most folks just don’t watch the Second Life news.

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