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One of the big rules of business is “Don’t make it hard for customers to give you money.”

Well, whoopsie!

Linden Lab’s new “local payments” system seems to be having some distinct teething problems, and potentially a whole bunch of sims might disappear if the Lab cannot get on top of it quickly.

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You’ve probably already heard of RedZone, a system which is used to implement ban-by-IP-address functionality, and to make (variably accurate) guesses at alt accounts.

Avoiding RedZone data collection has been a bit tricky for the average user, since RedZone uses a scripting trick that allows it to perform data-collection, even when media-autoplaying is disabled (you either have to block traffic to RedZone’s server, or completely disable the Second Life viewer’s ability to access the Web and all forms of media to get around that – just disabling autoplay isn’t enough).

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You may have seen the name ‘Gisland’ associated with 888 and Dragonfish. I mentioned it on Massively, about a year ago. Apparently, Gisland is a subdivision or subsidiary formed by 888 as a part of their payments processing arrangements for Second Life with Linden Lab.

The word doesn’t seem to mean a whole terrible lot, but you could read it as “G-Island”. If that “G” looks like it might stand for “Gambling”, well … actually that might be a really good guess, as it turns out.

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Keep this press-release out of reach of children. Online 3D Space Provides Innovative and Cost-Efficient Way for Businesses to Meet, Collaborate, and Showcase Their Products

DLAB, a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers and digital specialists based within the Institute of Digital Innovation at Teesside University, announced today the upcoming launch of OnLand, an online business district designed to provide an innovative and cost-efficient way for firms to collaborate. OnLand is powered by Blue Mars, an online high definition 3D virtual world platform created by Avatar Reality, Inc., and allows users to conduct business in interactive showrooms, boardrooms and meeting spaces.

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