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All that silence, then a sudden bundle of Big Surprise Announcements out of the Lab. Well, at least they’re from Frank Ambrose, whose communiqués are pretty much always welcome.

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Bright spark Daniel Voyager has the scoop on increased group limits in Second Life (ie: Being a member more groups than is currently permitted). FJ Linden (Frank Ambrose) at the Lab promised that the group limit would be raised from 25 to 40 before the end of 2010 – a date which is almost upon us.

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ENIAC and Cpl. Irwin Goldstein at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering (1946) Originally scheduled for production deployment in January 2009, and then mysteriously not heard from since, the reliable inventory service (AKA agent inventory service, or AIS) has suddenly reappeared like the Baychimo, looming out of the fog not unlike… some badly mangled simile or metaphor or other.

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“Doing less, better,” Rosedale said at SLCC this year. Well, one thing the Lab has a lot less of is its executives.

With the departure of the Vice President of core development, there are now just four company executives left on the books at Linden Lab.

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