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Nov 14 2011

So-called “freemium” models are rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for all sorts of software and services. MMOGs (and virtual environments like Second Life) are among the places that it is easiest to spot, but you’ll see it in all sorts of software and services these days.

These services have a basic service that is free to all users, and premium accounts for which you pay a bit extra.

It’s also pretty easy to spot which of these will take off and which won’t.

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Zynga and Zynga’s CEO, Mark Pincus, are – in my experience – not spoken of very highly at all.

It comes as no surprise to me, therefore, that Zynga has submitted a patent application that covers virtual currencies of the sort used in a variety of casual and free-to-play MMO games.

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Way back when, I wound up with a place in the Alganon MMOG closed beta. I really liked it. I haven’t really played it since launch, though, and there’s been a lot of water under the bridge at Quest Online, the developer. A change of management, bringing in Derek Smart (of whom I understandably have mixed feelings), lawsuits and more.

Anyway, Alganon went free-to-play last Friday, so I figured it was time for another look.

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