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Jun 7 2012

A group of Second Life avatars“If only,” I hear you cry, “land in Second Life was less expensive! Why things would positively boom!”

But would they? Let’s look at the scenario more closely. You’re not going to like it.

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Just a quick note to get your year in Second Life rolling along nicely. Inara Pey – who is both an excellent and informative Second Life blogger, among her many talents – has a side-by-side frame-rate comparison of 8 different viewers under specific test conditions.

If you’re wondering how each viewer stacks up for raw performance for a given configuration, you’ll want to check out her results.

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After a bit of a false start on Monday, the Second Life viewer is now the standard official Second Life viewer as of today.

If you want some quick first-impressions, check out Inara Pey’s blog post.