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A group of Second Life avatarsOkay, I’m a bit taken by surprise on this one, but let’s quickly take this from the top. Firstly, Linden Lab has added a simplified reporting form for Second Life JIRA issues. That part is pretty okay (and some might say that it is many years overdue) being that it is the sort of bug-reporting form that you might see for many major pieces of software, but that increases the triage-level workload on reports significantly. Now, that triage process has so far been split between the Second Life JIRA users and Linden Lab.

There’s a couple problems with bug triaging though. The first is that the Second Life JIRA users do it badly. The second is that Linden Lab do it badly. Okay, so issue triaging becomes more complicated now. So, ouch, right there.

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At least partly because it only really works with standard prims, you know, being a prim-alignment tool.

Actually, the Lab’s argument here seems to be that the alignment tool is incomplete (though I’d say it is more complete than a number of features I’ve seen the Lab ship over the last few years), and that since it provides assistance to only one set of fiddly, annoying tasks that it should not be included.

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Nov 21 2011

It’s now the seventh day of the disruption of Second Life traffic statistics. I’m going to use this particular issue to talk about feedback and communication, because today is the first day that Linden Lab has produced any on the issue.

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Oct 23 2011

The idea of process and procedure is often demeaned and maligned. Bureaucracy, red-tape, checks-and-balances, a waste of time.

The thing is that there are good processes and bad processes. In a bad process, it only takes one person to make a mistake for the end-result to end up in error or disaster. In a good process, all it takes is one person to not make a mistake to yield a good result.

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